Stick Everywhere!

Customized Labels

To identify childens'and seniors' belongings

Perfect for seniors in nursing home !
Perfect for children’s and student’s trips !

For already 32 years, we continue to offer the best identification solutions for clothings and personal items. Mainly used to identify all effects of seniors and children. They are very popular to avoid the loss of personal belongings during the school year, a summer or winter camp or for our little ones in a kindergarten.

Essential for seniors in nursing home, long-term or health care centers.

Also used to identify crafts items  and any personal or small businesses articles.

Great for :

  • Nursery / kindergarten
  • Camps
  • Scouts and guides
  • Studients travels
  • School
  • Retirement home
  • Air and army cadets
  • Crafts
  • Small Business, Etc.
  • Sports teams

Don't miss out,
plan ahead and stock up!