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Combo Special CHSLD

VĂȘtements: Polycoton blanc imprimĂ©s en noir Ne s'efface pas et ne décolle pas au lavage
Objets et anti-vol: Vinyle autocollant très robuste Résiste au lave-vaisselle et aux micro-ondes

Clothing labels are easily bonded with an iron on almost any fabric. Those for objects are available in white or transparent vinyl with black or white printing. The anti-theft labels are available in white vinyl only and can not be removed. The text is the same on the four types of labels and the layout is offered on one or two lines. Images are also available and you can even use your own image for an additional fee.

Three different models included
  • Clothing = 2 x 96 Iron-on labels
  • Personal Items = 1 x 96 selft adhesive labels
  • Anti-thief = 12 large labels for more valuable items
Size: 1 to 4 lines of text
  • The CHSLD Special includes a total of 300 labels

  • The same name or text is repeated on the three types of labels

1 line of text

2 lines of text

                              Plan ahead, buy enough !

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