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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do your labels fade in the wash?
A. Our labels are printed with detergent-resistant ink.
Q. Do your iron-on labels come off in the wash?
A. When properly affixed, they stay in place for years.
Q. How should iron-on labels be affixed?
A. Use an iron on its hottest setting (cotton). Drain any water from the iron and turn the steam option off. Do not place any fabric over the label, as the temperature would be too low to melt the glue. Gently press the label with the iron for 3 to 4 seconds, and that's it.
Q. How can I remove the label?
A. Use your iron again. Press the label and remove it with tweezers while it is hot.
Q. How can I remove any glue thatd's left once the label is removed?
A. Remove the remaining glue with your iron and a rag or a piece of fabric. Place the fabric over the remaining glue and press it with the hot iron for 3 to 4 seconds. Lift up the iron and remove the fabric. The glue will transfer to the fabric. Repeat the operation as many times as necessary to remove all the remaining glue.
Q. Is it possible to buy a pack of less than 96 labels, say 48?
A. The minimum number of labels in a pack is 96. But you will soon realize it's not all that many. You'll be surprised how many you need for labelling everything. Socks and mittens require two a pair. There are four seasons in a year, and you buy clothes year round. Our labels are permanent, just like your child's name. Daycare, kindergarten, school, scouts, summer and winter camps, not to mention school trips: labels are needed on all those occasions.
Q. What types of personal items can be labelled?
A. Books, notebooks, boots, skates, bicycle helmets, plastic containers, thermos containers, ski poles, hockey equipment, golf clubs, etc.
Q. Do the vinyl labels for personal items come off in the dishwasher?
A. Our personal item labels are highly microwave oven and dishwasher-resistant.
Q. What use are transparent labels?
A. They are meant to be used discreetly on items like golf clubs and expensive pens that you use at the office. They are also handy on the arm of your eyeglasses, a cell phone, an iPod or any article where a white label would be too visible.
Q. Why do you offer a choice of black or white ink on the transparent labels?
A. The white ink label is best on dark articles, while a black ink label works better on a light colour article.
Q. Is it possible to order a pack of transparent labels, half white and half black?
A. A pack contains 96 labels of the same colour. To obtain the two colours, you must buy two packs.
Q. Is it possible to use pencil labels on other items?
A. Yes. These small labels can be used on small articles like pacifiers, pencil sharpeners, compasses, erasers and all small articles that require a smaller label. These small labels are just as microwave and dishwasher-resistant as the larger ones.
Q. What is the delay of receiving for the regular service?
A. All orders are shipped the same day by mail. For US customers, you will received your order within two weeks.

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