Label Everything!

Combo of labels

Clothing: White Polycotton printed in black. These labels does not come off or erase in the was
Personal itmes and Pencil: Very resistant self-adhesive vinyl. Dishwasher machine and micro-waves resistant.

These labels for clothing can easily be sticked with an iron on almost all fabarics. The personal items and pencil labels are available in white or clear vinyl and printed in black or white. The text is the same on are three types of labels and layout is available on one or two lines. Many images are available and you can even use your own picture for a small additional fee

Three different types included
  • 1 pack of 96 labels for clothing
  • 1 pack of 96 labels for personal items
  • 1 pack of 96 labels for pencil
Format of 1 or 2 lines of text
  • Each type contains 96 labels with the same name

  • The Combo has the same printed name or text on each type of labels

  • Printing rules on Pencil labels on combo

    • 1 Line
      - The text can be on two lines if needed

    • 2 Lines
      - We only use your first text line if the name or text of this line is too long. The text is automatically printed on two lines.
      - Your second text line only appears on labels of clothing and personal items.

1 line of text

2 lines of text

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